03 Mar 2021
Author : Caitlin RTO Program

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

Loss Damage Waiver is an optional program offered by Marcus Rentals for an additional charge to cover the customers responsibility for the total loss of the Leased Property caused by fire, flood, or other acts of God. LDW is for the term of the contract provided that the customer is making timely rental payments.

Loss Damage Waiver excludes the folowing:

  • Loss of the Leased Property that is caused by an unexplained disappearance or abandonment of the merchandise.
  • Loss of the Leased Property that is intentionally caused by the customer.
  • Loss that results from the customers willful or wanton misconduct.

Things you should know before purchasing the Loss Damage Waiver:

  • LDW is not insurance. The customer does not have to purchase this coverage. Before deciding whether to purchase this Loss Damage Waiver you should consider whether your homeowners' or casulty insurance policy affords you coverage for loss of or damage to the Leased Property and the amount of the deductible you would pay under your policy.
  • LDW does not cover the contents inside the structure.

Contact one of our customer representatives for the additional charge for this program.

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