JAG Barn Management

At JAG Barn Management, we know the amount of time that goes in to having an RTO company. This is why we have put together an experienced staff to handle all of the hard work for you. If interested in our management services, please contact us via one of the methods below.

P.O. Box 448, Medina, TN 38355
(731) 855-2349

Scope of Services

Please find below, the scope of services to be provided:

JAG Barn Management will provide the following

List of services:

  • Prepare and file sales tax returns monthly or quarterly as required by each state
  • Prepare and transmit accounting information required to prepare quarterly statements, annual statements and tax returns.
  • Prepare and apply for line of credit draws and provide any supporting documentation required by the lender. This would be limited to documentation derived from accounting or inventory records maintained by JAG Barn Management.
  • Daily operations for accounts receivable, accounts payable and management of lease/rental contracts including repo activity.
  • Management of credit card and ACH processing through service providers integrated with RTO Pro.
  • Monthly reporting to client.

Clients would provide the following

  • Payment of a management fee to JAG Barn Management. The fee will be calculated as a percentage based on all rental income.
  • Payment of all fees and charges for the following:

    • Postage
    • Credit card and ACH Fees
    • Fees related to business license, legal expenses, responsible agent fees, local taxes, state taxes, federal taxes, lot licenses, etc.
    • Application fees or any cost for loans, lines of credit, or processing accounts.
    • Principal, interest, and fees associated with lines of credit.
    • All buildings, contracts, hauling, repo cost, and fees charged.
    • Bank fees such as returned checks and declined transaction fees.
    • Insurance cost for policies in favor of the client such as commercial liability insurance.
    • Accounting services to prepare statements of accounts or tax returns or other accounting services desired by the Client in excess of the bookkeeping maintained by JAG Barn Management.
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